ACT Sample Essays — Sample Essay 4

The school district is considering making it a graduation requirement for students to participate in a school sponsored activity because they feel that it will enhave social development. The school district should not make it a graduation requirement for students to participate in a school sponsored activity.

I used to be in extra-curricular activities freshman year, but then sophomore year came and school got harder. I attempted to continue doing my extra-curricular activities but I was falling behind in my school work. I soon realized that I could not both do extra-curricular activities and do good in school. Eventually I had to drop out of my extra-curricular activities to keep up with my school work. This shows that if students were forced to participate in an extra-curricular activity, their grades would suffer because of it. Myself along with many other students are in such advanced classes that we barely have enough time to complete our school work, let along include an extra-curricular activity on top of that.

Imagine if you are on a travel soccer team outside of school that practices for two hours each day. And then you have 6 hours of homework each night from all of your AP classes. And then on top of that the school forces you to join the math team that meets for one hour each day. That would be a miserable life. Some students are already participating in out of school extra-curricular activities. If they are forced to do a school sponsored activity as well, they will have to do two activities with a load of school work on top. They would barely have time to complete all of this let along hang out with friends outside of school. The social developments that matter most. Teachers feel that students are not socializing enough when in fact they are the reason why. They give students so much homework that they don’t even have time to socialize. So if they forced them to participate in extra-curricular activities, students would not have enough time to complete the schoolwork that they asked for in the first place!

In conclusion, instead of helping students develop socially, forcing them to participate in a school sponsored activity will actually cause them to be less socially interactive and fall behind in the responsibilities they already have.