ACT Sample Essays — Sample Essay 5

In this day and age, more and more students are spending their time, trapped between four walls. They come home, do homework, do something for enjoyment and go to sleep. They don’t have any social interactions and become lazy. Becoming more involved in clubs and sports will allow students to get out of their house and make their life more productive. At least one club or sport must be taken by students in their four years of high school.

After and before school activities allow students to be more social. Imagine a kid who has had no experience with joining any clubs. In class, he is the kid who never talks and doesn’t have any friends. This is a victim of lack of social qualities. In the world we live in today, social problems are one of the main causes of suicide and depression. Some might say that social skills aren’t essential in the growth of humans because it isn’t a necessity. Even though it’s not a necessity, it helps the students’ brains function better and keeps them happier. This will accelerate the growth of each student.

Also, extracurricular activities increase the chance to get into college. From personal experience, my brother applied for college just over a year ago. He applied to college along with his friend, who is just as bright. My brother was very involved in extracurriculars and his friend wasn’t. He got into that same college and his friend didn’t. In this case, although this wasn’t the only impact, this still gave my brother an edge over his friend and all the other people that applied and didn’t get in. If everyone at this particular school were to join extra-curriculars, the college acceptance rate for the school would skyrocket, allowing for better students and higher prestige of the school. Some might say that it isn’t the only way to get into college. That may be valid, but by doing extracurricular activities, it increases the chance that students will have to make it into that particular college.

Extracurricular activities have proven to be a life changer for many students in high school. They improve a student’s ability to be more social and essentially change their life. Therefore, mandatory extracurriculars should be implemented.