ACT Sample Essays — Sample Essay 6

Activities and sports teach leadership abilities, develop social interactions, and allow students to get involved with the community. I believe that having extra-curricular involvement required for graduation will have a positive impact on the students.

Firstly, clubs and sports teach leadership qualities because they focus on getting things done as a whole team, whether it’s a school project or scoring the winning point. For example, many clubs divide the work into pairs in order to get the job done faster. This method shows that working together with the same purpose can be beneficial.

Secondly, clubs and sports develop social interactions. The people in them must communicate with one another to achieve compromises and agreement. This makes it very easy to make friends who would gladly help each other.

Thirdly, clubs and sports allow students to get involved with the community. Both of these organizations include volunteering and working in the communities, therefore introducing the members of the community with one another.

Finally, clubs and sports would be beneficial to students because they teach leadership, make new friends, and allow students to get involved with the community.

As you can see in this example, it is NOT a very effective ACT essay. The reason why is because it is not really an essay at all. It’s just a list of reasons. The reasons provided are actually decent reasons to base an argument on; however, the writing fails to develop any argument from these reasons. What the writer should do is try to provide examples/illustrations and logic for each of the reasons listed. That way they will do more to truly convince their audience. Right now, there is nothing convincing about this list. In all likelihood, the writer should probably focus on developing just two — maybe three — of these details, but not all four reasons listed.