ACT Writing Prompts — ACT Practice 14

High schools are places that host hundreds or even thousands of teenagers every day, making them prime places for advertisers to try to get their message out to those teenagers. To raise money for educational materials, field trips, and annual activities like Prom, your school is considering allowing several advertisers to market their materials to students inside of the school. Some administrators claim that an enormous amount of money can be made that will ultimately have a positive impact on students and the school. Many parents, however, have complained advertising is inappropriate for an academic environment and may harm students and the school atmosphere overall. In your opinion, should your school allow advertisements?

In your essay, take a position on this question. You may write about either one of the two points of view given, or you may present a different point of view on this question. Use specific reasons and examples to support your position.

Time Limit: 30 minutes

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