ACT Writing Prompts — ACT Practice 23

Several high school courses have been taken by students on a pass-or-fail basis, and those students have not received the traditional A, B, C, D, or F letter grades. Many students have said this pass-or-fail system of grading is highly beneficial because they know exactly if they understand the content enough to pass or not, and they are encouraging the school to go to an all pass-or-fail system. Letter grades add unnecessary stress and work for both students and teachers. Many teachers, however, argue that letter grades are important for showing what extent students understand the material. In your opinion, should schools abandon traditional letter grades and adopt a pass-or-fail grading system?

In your essay, take a position on this question. You may write about either one of the two points of view given, or you may present a different point of view on this question. Use specific reasons and examples to support your position.

Time Limit: 30 minutes

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